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Monday, December 27, 2004

well, i just started knitting about a month ago. the first thing I knitted was a scarf, but I never finished it, i thought the colors were so ugly and i did a TON of mistakes in it ( that one was a practice one), so i decided, now that i learned to do a garter stitch, how about making a scarf for my friend michelle? I went to joanns and bought two skiens of (the LAST TWO in STOCK!) i think it was baby worsted yarn, i would know, but i lost the tag. the colors are so pretty, they're mixed with light pink, light purple and white. she LOVED the scarf i was SO happy. :) anyways with the leftover yarn, im making a thin scarf for myself, can't hurt... ya know? tee hee... and then im making a red wine color scarf for my older brother (which is on hold for now). here they are:

plus, i made some cute crystal earrings for my sister...

as you can see in the first scarf photo, i made those knitting needles, they're not quite done yet. i still need to smooth them out more, its pulling the yarn a bit, im just temporarly using them to hold the red scarf. ill post pictures when I am finished with the needles...:)

connie at 2:26 PM

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