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I'm 21 years old, on a break till spring classes start. I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years now and I consider myself a fat crafty gal. Is that a good enough description of me for now?

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Friday, December 31, 2004

Well last night(now that its consider morning) my bf got me this he ordered it from online...

yes!!! mah babies! i got it! FINALLY! i was so thrilled, i can't wait to start crackin on makin my bf a knitted beanie, now if only he'd wear it? i gotta pick some rad colors, maybe dark red and black? black and blue? gray, black and blue? i know those are his favorite colors. i hope it won't be that hard to make a beanie, but with the help from this knitter's book, how can anything go wrong? lets just hope....arg....:)

connie at 1:02 AM

Thursday, December 30, 2004

-Lose 20 pounds (I'm 5'3 and presently weight 135.5) already dropped 2 pounds (happy).
-Stop eating fast food (McD's, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and the mother of fast food Chinese food).
-Start eating more vegetables and fruit.
-Stop biting my nails.
-Excerise at least 30 minutes everyother day.
-Get a job at a Dental office (i hope...).
-Pay my credit card bill monthly.
-Drink ONLY water.
-Do more crafts in my spare time: Embroidery, knitting, jewelry making etc etc..
Will work on this list tomorrow morning maybe....

connie at 1:03 PM

starting tomorrow I am going to eat better, me and my bf just eat out WAY TOO MUCH. I discussed it with him and we both agree. So I guess this blog will be a very cool recorder in addition to everything else that is good and bad in my life. anyways, today to kick off our new eating habit we went to get subway(which i REALLY wanted), deeeeeeeeeeeelicious, but i know my bf with not be too keen in adding subway to our "new" menu, he doesn't like it very much.... oh well! too bad for HIM! lol

connie at 1:32 AM

Monday, December 27, 2004

well, i just started knitting about a month ago. the first thing I knitted was a scarf, but I never finished it, i thought the colors were so ugly and i did a TON of mistakes in it ( that one was a practice one), so i decided, now that i learned to do a garter stitch, how about making a scarf for my friend michelle? I went to joanns and bought two skiens of (the LAST TWO in STOCK!) i think it was baby worsted yarn, i would know, but i lost the tag. the colors are so pretty, they're mixed with light pink, light purple and white. she LOVED the scarf i was SO happy. :) anyways with the leftover yarn, im making a thin scarf for myself, can't hurt... ya know? tee hee... and then im making a red wine color scarf for my older brother (which is on hold for now). here they are:

plus, i made some cute crystal earrings for my sister...

as you can see in the first scarf photo, i made those knitting needles, they're not quite done yet. i still need to smooth them out more, its pulling the yarn a bit, im just temporarly using them to hold the red scarf. ill post pictures when I am finished with the needles...:)

connie at 2:26 PM

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Okay, I got this all set now, layout almost fixed the way I wanted it. I need to tweek it a bit and thats it. Well Im totally excited about tonight, my BF is coming over for a christmas dinner and he got a present for me! I told him not to because I know he doesnt have a lot of money right now. I wonder what he got me?!? oooohhh, i can't wait....

connie at 5:43 PM

Friday, December 24, 2004

whoo HOO! i can't wait, my mom is taking me and my sis out to get our hair done. i wonder what my boyfriend will think when he sees me. im definetly gonna get my hair straighten, ive never done that before, so its going to be rad. Im looking forward to it! ha HA!
a few mintues ago i was working on a new scarf with leftover yarn that I have, i only have a little bit so im making a real thin one, i love the colors of the yarn its mixed with light purple and pink, i got it from joanns so i am sure a lot of people have seen this yarn, its pretty popular im sure. im gonna go and work on it a bit then go to bed, not much to talk about...i WAS going to make a custom layout for this blog, but its going to be harder than i thought, i really haven't done much of html in the last 3 or 4 years, so im a bit rusty at it. i guess ill start working on that after christmas and before school starts again. i hope ill find the time to do it in a couple days...

connie at 1:57 AM

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Yep...my first one. I thought it was kinda cool to call my blog "craftopia" because l couldn't really call my blog "knittin'..." or "scrapin'...." or "jewelry makin'..." cuz i just dont do one craft, I like experimenting different crafts and trying them out. so "craftopia" seemed like the perfect name...LOL! god, i am so happy no one had that name!!!! i feel like a lucky girl today!!!! :)
I love doing all sorts of crafts like : jewelry making, embroidery, knitting (i just started out, real new at that), quilting, sewing, polyclay making, or pretty much anything DIY!!!!!!! I love it! Im totally obsessed.
Well, i guess im gonna go for now, im so tired and its 1am in the morning!!!! i need to get to bed it i want to wake up early to watch Knitty Gritty, i better set my alarm....hmmmm.. :o\

connie at 1:14 AM

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