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Friday, January 07, 2005

so yeah, i had to go to jury duty today at 11am, i got to the courthouse and waited outside the courtROOM with my group. I was really nervous about what kind of questions they were going to ask when we sit down in the jury box. 20-25 mintues went by and we still weren't inside the courtroom, then a lady came out and announced they weren't going to have a courtroom session so we were dismissed to go home, i was SO relieved and at the same time happy we didn't have to do anything! i was stressing out a little bit the night before because i knew they wanted to ask us questions aloud and im not a very good public speaker even if IS in a courtroom with totally strangers. i totally get nervous, usually when its my turn to talk in front of people, i think to myself before i begin speaking, "im going to f*** up". i pretty much try my best to avoid speaking aloud, i freak out too much even if its the smallest thing that has to do with speaking up. but i wish with ALL Of my heart that i was good at that. i envy all people who can talk in front of people without getting nervous but at the same time think how lucky they are to have such talent. i wish...
on another note, i've been really happy with myself for not eathing junk food for the past two days, it's a start, ya know? Yesterday at the jury thing i ate a half container of mixed fruit and half can of V8, i was so hungry while waiting in the assembly room but by the time for lunch break, i lost a lot of my appetite, in the fruit container there was slices of mango, watermelon, honeydew(i think thats what its called) and some red looking fruit which ive NEVER had before so i tried it and it was HELLA gross!!! and the reason why i only ate HALF of the container was because HALF of it was that sick red fruit crap. and then later that day i had a small pouch of raisenettes and for dinner chicken, shrimp and rice. not too bad for a day.
today i had a turkey sandwich i made-to-go for the jury summoned thing. and tonight i had a chicken with peas, mushrooms and rice...yum considering i was so hungry. i sorta miss homemade cooking, it was pretty tasty.
i think im going to get or perhaps MAKE a journal and with that im going to jot down ALL the things i eat everyday, i tend to forget things after about 2 days (horrible memory, i must say.) Ill make one tomorrow. well not much else to tell thats really interested, OH! yeah one last thing, my bf purchase a brandnew treadmill from costco for 978 and some odd cents. tomorrow im going over to his house to help him set up the machine in an additional room. we're going to break some sweat from it, just like we did this evening when we tried to get it off his truck, it weighed like a TON, we had to open the huge a** box and remove some of the pieces to bring them in the house, it was crazy as hell. well i think i had said enough, ciao!
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