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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yesterday(01-04-05) i found out i had jury duty, and i REALLY thought I was going to get off the hook! nope....i had to go, they put about 100 people in an assembly room and called out names in groups. I was in the last group they called to go to a courtroom not to mention the last person on that group list. My group didnt get assigned until about 3pm, and i was summoned to go to the assembly room at 7:45am! NOW that was a LOOOONNNGGG and boring wait. I should've brought a book to read, but I didn't. I remember that night before about bringing some stuff to knit, but when i read there "what to bring and what NOT to bring" on there list of "what not bring" i couldn't bring knitting needles. it sucked a buttload. ....actually it was TOO boring because they let us watch some DVD on there big screen tv. as long as i waited, i watched THREE: Pirates of the Caribbean, Liar Liar (of course), and Con-Air. I had a field day with those... time went by faster with them, thank god. well i better get to bed becaue I and the other people in my group have to be back at the courthouse at 11am sharp, but I am bringing a book for sure this time, cuz i know there is going to be a LOT of waiting around.
connie at 12:03 AM

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