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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my body hurts SO much, i feel like i have that bodyache when you have the flu, and im not even sick, but i didn't get much sleep, i kept waking up... maybe im pms-ing...hmmm
in other news, i will be making my brother a scarf, i can't believe he wants one, i dont know many guys that like that, but HE does. im sorta excited. i sent him a image that had 4 different designs, i know he wants stripes that are going horizontally. so then i made up the different looks, they are sorta pathetic designs, but check them out:

as you can see, he wants blue and gray. now all i have to do is just wait for his email about which design he wants. im really excited about starting this, im actually looking forward to making this scarf and then giving it to him, i hope i don't f*** it up. :)

connie at 1:12 PM

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