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I'm 21 years old, on a break till spring classes start. I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years now and I consider myself a fat crafty gal. Is that a good enough description of me for now?

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

did a little fixer upper on this blog page, notice anything different? i changed the title design, thought it was a little too kooky for me, this is much better. didn't do any craft project today, tomorrow ill have the whole morning to myself, my bf is going with his dad somewhere. so im taking advantage of the time since i USUALLY spend 99.9% of my spare time with my bf, its really sad that im happy about spending the time alone, im pathetic... anyways i will probably continue working on making a journal, ive already took an old book and cut out the bookcover front and back and started gluing pink fabric to the front. I need to let it dry, in the morning i finish decorating the cover. i hope it turns out good.
i was at my bf house and we put together his new treadmill, it looks good, we didn't get to plug it in to try it out because we needed an extension cord which he will get in the morning tomorrow. then we will officially start exercising once he gets it. can't wait!
nothing really to talk about now... well... i ate very little today, very good... i probably ate not more than 800 calories, i wasn't VERY hungry today, but right now i feel like eating, im not going to because i know its bad to eat after 8pm. well i better go, that way i have a decent amount of sleep to wake up early. :)
connie at 1:33 AM

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